Customer Care from Kensell Kia

Comprehensive Customer Care Program

Kensell Kia Service Department is one of Tamworth's leading service centres. We service and repair all makes and models. We have qualified service technicians and air conditioning specialists.

Kensell's Service Centre also offers a free pickup and delivery service for their customers anywhere in Tamworth. Our 17 factory trained technicians take pride in their work and no job is too big or small for our team.

Kensell's workshop hours of operation are 7.30am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

That’s why we have developed the industry’s best warranty along with 7 year Capped Price Servicing and 7 year Roadside Assistance. It’s how we back our quality and reliability.

7 Year / Unlimited Km Warranty

Introducing Australia’s Best Warranty offering - 7 Years Unlimited Kilometre warranty, backed by 7 Years Roadside Assistance (subject to eligibility) and 7 Years Capped Price Servicing – because we think peace-of-mind is an important part of any vehicle purchase.

It’s our show of commitment to you. Which shouldn’t be surprising, especially since your Kia already comes packed with the latest advanced automotive technology and is tuned specifically for Australian road conditions - so come and enjoy the journey with us.

7 Year Capped Price Servicing

When you purchase a new Kia, you have the assurance that it’s been built to the most exacting standards, using cutting edge engineering and high quality materials, and incorporates the latest technologies and innovations. In a nutshell, we build Kia’s to keep on going.

At the same time, regular checkups, maintenance and servicing are still essential. And no one is better qualified to do that than Kensell Kia.

7 Years Roadside Assist

Even with the greatest care in the world, there are times when the unexpected happens. You lose your keys. You run out of fuel. Or you leave on the lights and need a jump-start. That’s why nationwide Kia Roadside Assist makes good sense.

Every Kia already comes supported by 12 months of complimentary Roadside Assistance. And because each vehicle we build is designed to keep going and going, it’s easy to extend that complimentary coverage for up to 7 years.

Simply return your vehicle to Kensell Kia for each of its scheduled services, and you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind for the long term.

Complimentary 3 Month Service

Three months doesn’t seem like a long time before a service. But it’s really important that after your first 3,000 kilometres or three months of driving, our factory trained Kia technicians run a few simple tests to make sure that everything about your new Kia is A-OK.

And perhaps by this time you may also have a few questions about how things work. So who better to ask than the staff at Kensell Kia?

Because this service is really important, we’ve also fixed its price. And the number we came up with was – FREE.

Kensell Kia Service team look forward to seeing you in three months time